Presidents Message

President's Message


Welcome to the OkHIMA webpage!  Doesn't it look great?  Brandi Fowler, OkHIMA webmaster, is to be commended on doing an outstanding job!

You should be proud of your OkHIMA component state association!  There are many people working behind the scenes to make OkHMA a driving force in the decisions that are impacting the HIM profession and the HIM workforce - not only in Oklahoma but at the national level. 

First and foremost YOU should be proud of yourself and the job you are doing to continue to reinforce the fact that health information and the HIM profession is the foundation of all things health care!  WE know this and it is time the rest of the "health care industry" wakes up and takes notice of who we are and why anything health information related just can't be done without us!

You will be seeing a lot of this logo in the future.  OkHIMA Cares is our new strategy map which the Board believes serves as the "pillars of success" for all we do both as a profession and as an association.  As a profession we advocate for the patient - we care!  As a profession we push for complete, accurate, timely, reliable, and accessible health information - we care!  As a profession we support our health care facilities as they strive to provide care at the utmost level of quality - we care!  This list could go on and on.  Therefore as a profession - we care

.......................and as an Association we care!  The strategy pillars identified by the board are exemplified by the acronym.                     


C is for Communication.  As a profession communication is key to quality patient care.  As an association our goal is to enhance our communication strategies to and from the membership.  The updated webpage is an example.  The electronic newsletter is another.  The ability to register for meetings electronically is yet another.  Our goal is to continue to enhance our communication strategies until "no member is left behind" when it comes to being informed of what is going on relative to OkHIMA!

A is for Advocacy.  This includes keeping up with relevant legislation that impacts our profession both at the state and national level.  The Legal Manual will soon be available via our website, be updated regularly, and be fully searchable.  OkHIMA continues to support and participate in AHIMA Hill Day in Washington.  Our goal is to make sure that OkHIMA members have the latest legal resources available when they need it and that the membership is informed in a timely manner of the legislation that impacts our Oklahoma health care facilities, patients, and the HIM profession.

R is for Recruitment and Retention.  Not only do we need to recruit new members into the HIM profession and ultimately AHIMA and OkHIMA we need to make sure they stay in the profession and remain as active members.   Support of our 3 accredited educational programs is vital to a continuing viable workforce and the lifeblood of the HIM profession in Oklahoma.   At the same time we need to continue to meet the needs of our members.  Hopefully you see OkHIMA as the HIM professional support association that continues to meet your needs.  If ever you don't,  please communicate that fact to the OkHIMA board so we can realign our strategies to make sure your needs are met and continue to be met!

E is for Education.  As an HIM professional our role is not static.  It is ever-changing.  Continuing education and re-education is an essential member support initiative.   Offering CE just for the sake of CE is not good enough.  CE offerings must be relevant to the current workforce and meet the current needs of the "industry" however we define that term. 

S is for Service and Support.  The original OkHIMA Cares initiative was actually a focus on support of research relative to breast cancer - hence the pink logo.  However as we developed this idea we quickly realized that although a worthwhile endeavor there were many many more things to care about – cancer of all forms, heart disease, birth defects as well as individual member needs.   This list could go on and on.  Then the light dawned and we realized that OkHIMA - the Board and the members at large - cared about an awful lot!  This led to the OkHIMA Cares model. 

The Board is in the process of rolling EVERYTHING we do as an association into this model.  It is surprising how well all of our strategies and initiatives, roles and functions, goals and objectives, etc easily fit into one of these 5 core foundations and how easily this is all coming together!  The OkHIMA Executive Board firmly believes that OkHIMA Cares and we hope that as OkHIMA members you do as well! 


Marion Prichard RHIA

President 2012-2013





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