Presidents Message

Growth is the only evidence of life.  ~John Henry Newman, Apologia pro vita sua, 1864

Welcome to the Oklahoma Health Information Management Association (OkHIMA) website.  We are a group of professionals with a love for Health Information Management (HIM).  HIM is the collection, storage/protection and use of quality healthcare data.


As John Henry Newman stated in his Apologia pro vita sua (1864), “growth is the only evidence of life”.  Over the past several years, the HIM profession has had many growth spurts.  From the day of the Librarian utilizing paper records in the 1920’s to the new millennial of Health Information/Informatics Managers for Electronic Health Records; we are a profession that is continually growing and evolving.


As I begin my term as President, I would like to thank all of you for giving me this opportunity to serve.  But, further, I feel I also owe my sincere appreciation to all our volunteers and those on our Executive Board.  For without them, this 2014-2015 fiscal year would not be possible.


The OkHIMA Executive Board is composed of 28 volunteer individuals working together to promote our Mission, Vision, and Values.  Each year, we establish our OkHIMA CARES strategic planning initiatives outlined below:


2014-2015 - Short Term Goals - Goals to accomplish during my tenure

Communication – 2014/2015 – Improve communication to our membership via social media outlets.

Advocacy – 2014/2015 – HIM Grass Roots effort for outreach advocacy programs to our rural Oklahoma communities.

Recruitment & Retention – 2014/2015 – Increase Member Engagement to enhance retention and the recruitment of new students into the profession.

Education – 2014/2015 - Offer valuable educational courses to OkHIMA members.

Service and Support – 2014/2015 – Be good stewards and assure fiduciary responsibility to the association.


2014– 2015 - Big Audacious Goals (BAGs) - Three to Five Year Goals

Communication – Integration of the OkHIMA Social Media.

Advocacy– To serve as the #1 resource for Oklahoman Health Information Professionals for advocacy efforts.

Recruitment & Retention – Increase value of the HIM profession by showcasing competencies.

Education – Offer On-Line Education to Membership

Service and Support – Be good stewards and assure fiduciary responsibility to the association.


As President, I foresee challenges this upcoming year.   But this only gives us the opportunity to grow.


One of the hot-topic challenges is the delay in the transition to ICD-10-CM/PCS.  I invite our members to contact their legislative representative to convey the importance of implementing this transition.  Another challenge is the outdated Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for jobs in the HIM profession.  This classification system does not reflect the diversity and complexity of our profession and is in serious need of being updated.  Our parent association, the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), has proposed modifications to the (SOC) to accurately reflect the changes occurring in this profession today.


Last, I invite you the member to volunteer your time, knowledge, and voice to the OkHIMA association.  We have numerous opportunities to volunteer.  For example, mentor or foster a HIM student from one of the Oklahoma accredited schools or provide your thoughts, ideas, and feedback to grow our association.


We invite you to come grow with us!




Christy Hileman, MBA, RHIA, CCS

President, 2014-2015

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