About Us

The Oklahoma Health Information Management Association, or OkHIMA, is a dynamic professional association which includes close to 750 specially educated health information management professionals who work throughout the healthcare industry. As information specialists, we collect, integrate, analyze and disseminate health care data. We manage health information for research, planning, and the evaluation of health care services. We also structure and translate health data into usable forms for the advancement of quality health care.

OkHIMA members hold many diverse roles in the healthcare industry. We serve an important role within our healthcare facilities regarding the planning and implementation phases of electronic health records. We are also specialists in managing health information, administering information systems, analyzing information for decision support, coordinating healthcare privacy and compliance programs, preparing facilities and data for accreditation surveys, compliance with standards and regulations regarding health information, and coding and classifying information for reimbursement and research. OkHIMA members are no longer limited to working within the traditional hospital setting. Rather, there is a broad spectrum of opportunities available that span the continuum of care. See the About OkHIMA section for more details on our profession and the opportunities you may find in this field including schools within our state that offer formal health information education.

We are a component association with the American Health Information Management Association. You may visit their site for more information about our profession as well as information on how to become a member.

Mission, Vision, Values

The Oklahoma Health Information Management Association “OkHIMA” is an organization of professionals who manage health information benefiting the health care consumer, providers & all users of clinical data.

Mission Statement

To empower HI professionals to impact health by advancing the skills of our membership through a diverse framework of education, best practices, networking, and support.

Vision Statement

OkHIMA strives to provide innovative resources that empower HIM professionals to be recognized as leaders in Oklahoma and the healthcare industry.

OkHIMA Values

  • Create and promote a network of support for Oklahoma HIM Professionals
  • Cultivate a professional image by adhering to the highest ethical standards and respecting the AHIMA Code of Ethics
  • Collaborate with other agencies, task forces and organizations for health information exchange, personal health records, and patient privacy
  • Offer education, leadership and direction to our members in their implementation of a patient-centered, secure, electronic health record
  • Nurture leadership through volunteerism