President’s Message

A lot can happen in five years. You can grow your family, buy a new house, change jobs, and sometimes, you find yourself being elected for a second term as president of OkHIMA. What a surprise and yet a blessing! Volunteering is so special and rewarding but often is an additional full-time job outside of work, family, and friends. Sometimes it feels like a miracle to be able to sit down for a few minutes in peace and quiet, but the time I have had with OkHIMA has been some of the most rewarding in my career.

This year begins my 13th year of being an active member of the OkHIMA board. Through those years I have been in many positions, but my favorite one is also the most challenging one- President. It requires consistency, thinking outside of the box, compassion, and leadership. You must be open-minded, listen, care, and balance the needs of the membership with a tight budget. It can be a constant juggle to ensure the members are taken care of and the board is meeting and exceeding its goals. But with these challenges come so many rewards. The reward of seeing a student graduate and watching their career take off. Seeing a board member publicly speak for the first time and knock it out of the park. Watching peers win awards for their hard work. Having initiatives implemented and making a difference in HIM lives. Growing yourself more personally and professionally. Each of these rewards had many battles to overcome to get there, but each achieved with pride.

The HIM profession is experiencing a transition as the healthcare environment is seeing changes that are impacting the way HIM operates and thrives. Technology is changing, education is shifting, work needs are growing and all the while we are trying to keep our heads above water. OkHIMA is here to support you through these changes and provide resources you need to be successful. Let us know what YOU need to develop professionally. Recall that our mission is to empower HI professionals to impact health by advancing the skills of our membership through a diverse framework of education, best practices, networking, and support. Remember that our vision is to strive to provide innovative resources that empower HIM professionals to be recognized as leaders in Oklahoma and the healthcare industry.

I look forward to our 2023-2024 year and the challenges and rewards it will bring. If you ever have thoughts on how OkHIMA can serve you better or need to let us know what your needs are, I am here for you. You can always email me at and I will do my best as your president to help you be the best HIM professional you can be. It’s an honor to represent our great state and I thank you for the opportunity to serve a second term as your president.

Diana Flood, MS, RHIA, CMHP
OkHIMA President 2023-2024