Call for Volunteers!

Oklahoma Health Information Exchange Workgroup: Requests to Access and Amend

Hosted by Oklahoma Health Information Management Association


Senate Bill 1369, passed in 2022, established a mandate for all licensed healthcare providers in Oklahoma to participate in the statewide health information exchange (HIE) by July 1, 2023. The OHCA and the Office of Coordinator for Health Information Exchange has partnered with MyHealth Access Network as the state-designated entity for HIE.

The purpose of this workgroup is to review current MyHealth Participation Terms & Conditions, section 10.3 Business Associate Agreement, and recommend standard procedures for the HIE and covered entity in response to individual requests to access or amend protected health information (PHI) maintained by MyHealth. Recommendations shall be in accordance with 45 CFR part 164 – HIPAA Privacy and Security, 45 CFR part 171 – Information Blocking, and other applicable laws or regulations.


Extensive knowledge of laws and regulations that pertain to access, disclosure, and management of electronic health information. Experience with EHRs, HIEs, and/or practical application a plus.

Ability to work with diverse groups and ideas in a constructive way, respects diversity, and fosters inclusion.


The approximate time commitment will be 4–6 hours over a 2–3 week period. All activities will be facilitated virtually and allow for both asynchronous and synchronous collaboration based on the needs of the workgroup.

A team of 10–12 representatives will actively participate in collaboration, sharing knowledge and expertise to inform standard practices for Oklahoma health information exchange. Resources will be distributed, and virtual meeting dates will be decided once the group is established.

Interested? Apply by July 21, 2023