OkHIMA continually seeks members to fill volunteer roles. Member involvement in volunteer roles is essential in building a strong association, one that provides optimal educational, networking, resources, and leadership opportunities for members.

Get involved in OkHIMA leadership. Volunteering in your professional organization is a great way to hone your leadership skills, increase your professional contacts, and to give back to your profession. But where do you start? If you have never volunteered for your professional association, a good place to start is to volunteer for your Component Association (CA). Most of OKHIMA’s leaders first volunteered within their CA where they learned more about OKHIMA and their CA activities, events, leadership roles and volunteer opportunities.

Participating on one of the OKHIMA Committees is a great way to volunteer and it has many benefits for you and for your professional association. You will give back to the HIM profession, be able to network with peers while sharing your skills and working toward a common goal.

There are 5 face to face board meetings annually and many committees conduct their meetings via phone conference and e-mail. Selected committees may also have a face-to-face organizational meeting.

Whether you are a new OKHIMA volunteer or a “seasoned” volunteer, let us know in what areas you would like to participate. The Volunteer Questionnaire form includes a brief description of each committee’s role. Volunteer requests and information will be shared with OKHIMA leaders for their use in making appointments to volunteer roles. Please consider how you would like to share your talents as an OKHIMA volunteer.

Thank you for helping OKHIMA make a difference.


OkHIMA Volunteer Form

OkHIMA Volunteer Form

Join OkHIMA in leading HIM professionals in your state, by providing your expertise and volunteering your time.
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