OkHIMA Awards and Scholarship

ATTENTION! Please be aware of the following opportunities!

Scholarship Opportunity

The OkHIMA Scholarship Committee is accepting applications until March 9, 2022, for our next round of scholarships! Our hope is to present 3 different scholarships this year so if you know a student that meets the qualifications, please encourage them to apply!

OkHIMA Annual Awards

I know there have been many great accomplishments the last few years and we ALL need to know about them! Please nominate your colleagues for an award! The nomination process is fairly easy to complete. Winners will receive free registration to attend the annual meeting as well as a plaque and recognition on the website, social media, newsletter, etc. The deadline for nominations is March 9, 2022.

The categories for the awards are:

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award recognizes a promising newcomer to the field, who demonstrates exceptional motivation, capability, and leadership potential with great capacity for significant accomplishment in the field.

HIM Champion Award

The HIM Champion Award recognizes individuals that have advanced the HIM profession by volunteering and demonstrating excellence in mentoring and encouraging students or colleagues to achieve their best.

Distinguished Member Award

The Distinguished Member Award recognizes an individual with a long, exceptional history of HIM contributions and is awarded to an outstanding individual in the field. This award replaced the OkHIMA Outstanding Member Award.

For questions regarding scholarships or annual awards please contact Heather Hunn, the OkHIMA Recognition Manager at RecognitionManager@OkHIMA.org.

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