OKHIMA Call for Board Nominations

The OkHIMA Nominating Committee wants YOU to suggest fellow members and/or yourself as possible candidates for the OkHIMA Executive Board positions for next fiscal year, 2024-2025.

Nominations are open for the following positions:

  • President-Elect
  • Education Director-Elect
  • Communications Director
  • Advocacy Director
  • Nominating Committee

Duties of the President-Elect

Statement from a former President-Elect

“Leading our organization is an amazing experience to get to learn and network with not just the board, but HIM professionals in our state. It was a great honor to assist OkHIMA in being trailblazers in the HIM community.”

The President/Chair-elect shall act in place of the President/Chair in the event of the absence of the President/Chair and shall exercise such other duties as may be delegated to the office by the Board. The President/Chair-elect serves a term of one (1) year. Followed by a year as President.

Duties of the President/Chair

The President/Chair shall be the chief elected officer of OkHIMA. The President/Chair shall preside at all meetings of the members and the Board of Directors. The President/Chair will determine the regular agenda of all meetings of the members and the Board of Directors. The President/Chair shall present a report at an Annual Meeting, appoint the chairs and members of committees (unless otherwise specified herein) authorized by the Board of Directors, act as the liaison between OkHIMA’s staff and the Board, and perform such other duties as are inherent in the office of President/Chair or as authorized by the Board of Directors.

The President/Chair must be an Active Member of OkHIMA as well as an AHIMA-approved certificant. The President/Chair serves a term of one (1) year.

Duties of the Education Director

Statement from a former Education Director

“This position offers the chance to work with a team that provides educational opportunities to our members. This is not only an opportunity to provide education to others but it allows for personal growth with developing relationships with other HIM professionals. At the end of the big annual meeting, it is humbling to be able to look back and know that I was a part of something important and beneficial for our members and one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities that I have had the privilege of being a part of.”

The Education Director shall attend all meetings of the OkHIMA Board of Directors and shall assist in carrying out the business of the Association. The Education Director will be responsible for the overview, coordination, and planning, and financial review of profit/loss of all educational events hosted and/or participated in by OkHIMA. This is including but not limited to educational events planned by other officers of the Board of Directors. This position serves a 3-year term.

Duties of the Advocacy Director

Statement from a former Advocacy Director

“I enjoyed the advocacy director position because you learn so much about the legislative process and get to advocate for issues that impact patients and the HIM profession. I also enjoyed the networking and connections you make with OkHIMA members and other AHIMA CSA members in the process.”

The Advocacy Director shall attend all meetings of the OkHIMA Board of Directors and shall assist in carrying out the business of the Association. The Advocacy Director will serve as a liaison between OkHIMA Executive Board and the association’s attorney, Legal Committee Chairman, section representatives, Legislative Day and other alliance associations.

Duties of the Communication Director

Statement from a former Communication Director

“I love that Communication Director gave me a foot in the door to OkHIMA and allowed me to learn more about the organization. It definitely helped me to be ‘in the know’ about what is going on in our organization and career field.”

The Communication Director shall attend all meetings of the OkHIMA Board of Directors and shall record the meeting minutes. This individual will also serve as a member of the Finance Committee. The Communication Director will appoint the Website Manager, Chair, Publications Committee, OkHIMA Events Manager & e-Marketing Manager.

Nominating Committee

Statement from a former Nominating Committee member

“I felt like I was contributing by helping the Nominating Chair recruit members to be a part of the OkHIMA board. I met a lot of new members and continue to reach out to many of them for different things. This was a great way to start my OkHIMA volunteering.”

The Nominating Committee shall be comprised of no fewer than three (3) nor more than (5) members appointed by the Board of Directors, elected by OkHIMA active members who shall serve a one-year term. The Chair of the Committee shall be appointed by the President/Chair-elect of the Board of Directors in collaboration with the Recruitment and Retention Coordinator and shall serve for a one (1)-year term.

The Chair and the members of the Committee must be Active Members of OkHIMA. The Committee shall identify and recruit qualified individuals to serve on the Board of Directors and as Officers of OkHIMA.

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