OkHIMA Silent Auction

OkHIMA CARES Silent Auction will be held during the OkHIMA Annual Conference on April 13-14, 2023. This year’s charitable organization that the board voted on to support is TheHugsProject in OKC.

This organization accepts donations, both monetary as well as supplies to make “care packages” for our active US Military that are deployed.  The money raised through the silent auction will be donated to TheHugsProject. 

OkHIMA will also be accepting individual supplies during the conference that will be taken to the TheHugsProject office.  Currently, TheHugsProject packages 20-30 care packages a day, with an overhead of only 1.4%.  All staff and workers are volunteers.  No one takes a salary.  98.6% of your donation goes to help US Military. It’s been that way for almost 18 years.  

When asked why these volunteers are passionate about what they do, this is what they say, “Because every American who serves in harm’s way deserves the thanks of a grateful nation.”

Click below to read our flyer on who to reach out to, and what items we need.