Welcome to the OkHIMA Regulatory Center 

The resources are intended to make it easy to learn about the legislative issues addressed in Oklahoma and the national level. If you have questions about regulatory issues, please contact the Advocacy Coordinator at

AHIMA Advocacy

The AHIMA Advocacy Assistant contains valuable information, resources, guidelines, and links to helpful legislative sites.  You can easily contact your representatives via email on the Advocacy Assistant as well.

Current Legislation in Progress

To find information on current legislation in congress and AHIMA’s stance on them, you can visit the Advocacy Current Legislation website.  For local legislation, you visit the Oklahoma State Legislature Bill Tracking Reports website.

Current Oklahoma Health Information Laws

To learn more about the current laws involving health information in Oklahoma, please subscribe and refer to the OkHIMA electronic Legal Manual.

OkHIMA Advocacy Days

Each year, the OkHIMA board and members attend Advocacy Day in Washington DC and Oklahoma City to advocate for legislation that supports the needs of its members and patients affected by health information changes.  These events usually occur in the spring every year.  For more information on the dates, please contact the Advocacy Coordinator at

Elected Officials

To find the current elected officials for your area, please visit the AHIMA Elected Officials website.

Peer Engagement – AHIMA Engage

AHIMA Engage is an online community where members can search for key terms, participate in discussions and resources, network in public forums, and be engaged with peers in the HIM community.  It is a great resource for asking questions to your peers and finding out how others are dealing with similar issues as you, be mentored by other professionals, and stay up to date with OkHIMA and AHIMA events.  You can log into the AHIMA Engage website using your AHIMA log in credentials.

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