2022 Oklahoma Health Information and the Law

What’s New in 2022?

  • Fee prohibition for individual access or export of electronic health information
  • Individual right to access mental health and substance use treatment records and clarification of the definition of psychotherapy notes
  • Alignment of guidance pertaining to individual right to access electronic health information in the form and format requested with ONC Information Blocking regulation
  • Updated requirements to disclose substance use treatment records pursuant to CFR 42, Part 2
  • Informed consent by surrogate decision-makers for incapacitated or pregnant patients
  • Updated definition of telemedicine and requirements for mental health assessment via telemedicine
  • Information blocking provisions expand to designated record set
  • Revisions to the HIPAA Privacy Rule are expected in March 2023. Upon publication of the final rule, you will be able to download the supplemental updates at no additional cost

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