President’s Message

President's Message         In 2001, I began in the Health care field as an ROI tech at a physician’s office; during that time I thought I wanted to be a nurse so I became a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and began working for the hospital as a CNA...

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OkHIMA e-News May 2018

OkHIMA e-News May 2018   Inside this Issue: CHDA Exam Prep Registration Now Open! AHIMA Hill Day AHIMA Triumph Awards – Nominations due June 1, 2018 Apply Now for the OkHIMA Scholarship Look who passed their exams!!!!! Outstanding Member nominations are now Open!...

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2018-2019 Election Results

2018-2019 Election Results The 2018-2019 OkHIMA Election Results are in!! Congratulations to the members elected in our 2018-2019 OkHIMA Board elections. We would also like to thank all those who agreed to be on the ballot this year. OkHIMA is so grateful for our...

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Updated 2018 Legal Manual!

Updated 2018 Legal Manual! The OkHIMA Legal Manual, “Oklahoma Health Information and the Law”, has been UPDATED! The OkHIMA Legal Manual has been updated with all the changes to Oklahoma laws regarding patient health information through 2018. This key resource is...

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OkHIMA e-News March 2018

OkHIMA e-News March 2018   Inside this Issue: AHIMA Triumph Awards – Nominations due June 1, 2018 Apply Now for the OkHIMA Scholarship Outstanding Member nominations are now Open! AHIMA Needs You! AHIMA Volunteer Opportunity for Students and New Graduates...

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AHIMA Volunteer Opportunity

AHIMA Volunteer Opportunity Are you a member of AHIMA and a student or a new grad?  Do you want to attend the 2018 AHIMA convention, all expenses paid?  AHIMA is looking for volunteers for the registration desk, information booth, Career Theater, Career...

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OkHIMA e-News February 2018

OkHIMA e-News February 2018   Inside this Issue: AHIMA Names New CEO OkHIMA Legal Manual has been updated! Look Who Passed the Exam! AHIMA Needs You! Subscribe Today to the Electronic Legal Manual Contact the OkHIMA Executive Board Click here to read the...

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Mentoring Corner

Mentoring Corner

Are you new to the HIM field or already an active professional but looking to get some career direction?  Let OkHIMA help you! The OkHIMA Mentoring Corner helps empower students and members in our state to make positive choices that enable them to maximize...

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Legal Manual

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